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Registration and coffee


Chairwoman of the day Simone van Trier in conversation with Diana Starmans, member of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank Board of Directors.

Part 1

The changing world and social security


Future challenges for social security in a nutshell
Paul Schoukens Professor at the Faculty of Law of KU Leuven, leader of the  Research Unit on Europe and Social Security' (RUESS) and Secretary-General of the European Institute of Social Security' (EISS)


The Sociale Verzekeringsbank has asked KU Leuven and the European Institute of Social Security to jointly conduct extensive research into future developments in the field of social security and what challenges they will pose for the social security system in general and the administration of social security in particular. 


Challenges for social security explained from four different perspectives


Coordination of social security systems and (new and existing) challenges
Anne Pieter van der Mei, Professor of 'European Social Law' at Maastricht University and Luka Mišič, Assistant Professor at the University of Ljubljana


The (increasing) internationalisation of citizens and challenges to livelihood security
Ane Fernandez de Aranguiz Chueca, Assistant Professor of (European) Labour and Social Security at the Private, Business and Labour Law Department of Tilburg University. She is also a guest professor at the University of Antwerp and Maarten Bouwmeester, Ph.D. candidate, (research project 'system failure in the digital welfare state') of University of Groningen. 


Short break


Policy and fundamental rights: tension between policy objectives and respect for fundamental rights
Gijs Vonk, Professor of social security law at the University of Groningen and Eleni De Becker, Assistant Professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and substitute professor in EU, comparative and national) social security law at the KU Leuven.


Digitalisation: challenges for social security implementation
Frank Robben, a Belgian computer scientist, lawyer, civil servant and speaker driving administrative simplification, process optimisation and computerisation in the Belgian social, care and public sectors.


Challenges in the day-to-day work of social security service providers
Angela Liebregts, Coordinating Strategic Management Adviser at the Sociale Verzekeringsbank and Eva van Ooij, PhD, Legal Policy Adviser at the Sociale Verzekeringsbank.


Handover of scientific research publication Living and Working Tomorrow (2035)



Part 2

Working towards future-proof social security 


Workshops on working towards future-proof social security
Attendees can participate in one of the following workshops:


  • New paradigms for (viable) coordination of social security
  • Coherency in social security versus a tailor-made approach for the (international) citizen
  • Working towards a universal social security system
  • Exchange and digitalisation across borders with an (international) crossroads database


Switch to plenary session


Reflection via panel discussion
Diana Starmans of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank, Krista Kiupers of Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SWZ) and Jens Schremmer of the International Social Security Association (ISSA)


Wrap-up and closure of the day